• The most common Word / Excel questions asked, ANSWERED on Tues 7th Feb

    Have you considered giving yourself a productivity boost for the New Year, in MS-Word and/or MS-Excel?

    On Tuesday 7th February, I will be running two hands-on courses on the Sunshine Coast:

    In the morning (9-12pm), the most common MS-Word questions I get asked:
    • The numbering doesn’t line up (or I can’t use what I want to use – Word takes over!!);
    • Why do I need to use Styles – how to use them and the side benefits of using styles;
    • How do I use multiple headers and footers in a document;
    • I need to keep a version of the original document and I want to see the changes as the document is handed around

    In the afternoon (1:30-4:30pm), my favourite 10 tips in Excel that everyone says “if only I had known”, including:
    • formulas that everyone should know about (and not SUM);
    • how to present the numbers rather than just the number – sliders, charts, formatting;
    • nifty things with the Data Filter feature

    How will these courses benefit attendees? A saving of at least a 10 minute per day of their valuable time, due to them:
    • not having to ring someone to ask how to do it;
    • not having to look up Dr Google (if you know what to type in as the problem); and
    • having a lower level of frustration when working with the Microsoft products.

    Each session will be a max of 3 hours, limited to a small group, and held at a venue with good coffee (and tea). If you are interested in attending or you know someone who might be, please register at my online form.

    Nearly forgot – the price, for 1 session $110 per person and for both sessions $200 per person (inc GST).

    BYO laptop (but I have 2 laptops that can be used).

  • Expert (n., v. ek-spurt):

    A person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field;
    specialist; authority.

    SmartLearning is not just a moniker or a concept.

    SmartLearning is Michelle Hamer: a real person, with unparalleled experience in delivering successful, sustainable technology education. An expert, to be precise.

    Michelle does not try to be all things to all people. In fact, her scope is both narrow and purposeful: she specialises in Microsoft technology education.

    This expertise means that she stays abreast of her subject matter in a timely, focused way; maintains strong connections with influencers via active networking; and lives and breathes technology.

    Passionate. Credible. Connected. Motivated. Knowledgeable. Real.

    That’s what you get with Michelle.

    Her credentials are everything you’d expect from an expert of her stature: director of four technology brands; university lecturer on two continents; holder of multiple advanced degrees and professional accreditations.

    In her 20+ years of professional experience, she has advised and advanced international entities, examples of which include IBM, Suncorp, Sheraton Hotels, and more.

    When it comes to training your team on Microsoft technology, is there any other option but to call in an expert?

    Expert services offered:

    • Onsite: developed in conjunction with your business goals, Michelle provides customised learning that targets areas where growth and knowledge gains are required for your organisation.
    • Virtual: makes it easy for individuals in disparate locations to come together, in small groups, and benefit from the same learnings that take place in our onsite training classes. All that’s required is an Internet connection, and groups are kept to eight or less individuals to maximise interpersonal time.
    • Online: provides a self-paced curriculum for individuals to learn at their own pace, at their own location, while ensuring fundamental skills are instilled and tested, and communication and support from Michelle remains constant.
    • Lunch and learn: monthly webinars on of-the-moment tech topics provide the opportunity to acquire new business skills within the span of a lunch hour.

    Expert definition from www.dictionary.com

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