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Are you using Microsoft 365 to its full potential?

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and MS-Teams.  Most of us use these popular programs every day.  But are you maximising their capability?  Are you getting 100% of the productivity-boosting benefits these powerful apps were designed to deliver? How do you know?

Not knowing how to use Microsoft to its full capability is like buying a mansion and only living in the bathroom.

Welcome to Smart Learning, where you’ll be living large in every room of your Microsoft mansion! Smart Learning is an online hub of tips, tricks and shortcuts that helps people find better, simpler and faster ways of using Microsoft Office applications – ways that work for you. 

Time is money. Save time and money by mastering Microsoft 365 with quick tips from Michelle Hamer, the Shortcut Queen.

Do you want immediate access to the content? Michelle offers weekly free webinars, but as a member you can get 24/7 access to the full library of tips and tutorials for you to watch at your convenience.

Meet Michelle Hamer

“I understand that you’ve got more important things to do than Google a solution for a Microsoft problem…or worse: stare at Google and try to figure out the right words to search!

“When it comes to all things Microsoft, I’m known as the Shortcut Queen.  I teach people quick and easy ways to become more professional and more productive.

“Nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients realise they can apply the learning instantly… AND THEN seeing them realise just how much time it’s going to save them throughout their working lives.

“I’ll never forget the time I asked two potential clients to select a sentence in Word.  Each person took approximately three seconds, clicking and dragging their mouse through the text to highlight the line.  Then I asked them to time me while I did the same thing.  It took me a millisecond.  How?  I used a shortcut key rather than my mouse.

“They were even more amazed when they worked out the time saved against their hourly cost (across a staffing base of 2000 people), realising that I could save the company thousands of dollars annually.

PS: I worked with this client for about 20 years following that demonstration.”

Our difference

Learning how to save time shouldn’t take time.  At Smart Learning, you get quick and easy tips that are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to remember.

Become an expert in Microsoft 365, the way you use it.

Practical – accessible – bite-sized

We know that old habits die hard and new habits take time to acquire.

Through Smart Learning, you’ll begin to see the change as you learn better business habits that are easy to apply.

When you work on your business, not just in your business, you make more profit for yourself and your family because you gain more time for yourself and your family…and get more out of life.

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What we offer

Free tips – Access all our blog posts packed with tips to get the most from your Microsoft apps plus common-sense ideas, useful links, business book reviews and more. Go to Tips

Courses – Customise training experiences to your needs. Courses in Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Teams. Go to Courses

Free weekly webinars – Michelle hosts a free 20-minute webinar on a productivity topic every week.  These focus on one or two key tips for improving the way to work with one of the Microsoft 365 apps.  Sign up to receive invitations (join above)

Member benefits – Access the full webinar library, receive our best blogs packaged into a monthly newsletter plus invitations to weekly webinars.  All this for just $165/year (GST included) membership. 

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