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This is where you’ll find all our blog posts filled with free tips and useful guidance to get the most from your Microsoft 365 apps plus common-sense ideas, useful links, business book reviews and more.

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  • 7 Nov 2023 5:01 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    You have been given a list of over 900 guests who are departing your ship, and you need to develop a summary of how many people will be departing on what time and flight code.

    To do this we will use the UNIQUE function, and then the IFCOUNTS function.  

  • 7 Nov 2023 4:40 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    While there are many options to hide information in Excel file, let's explore using

    • N Function
    • Data > (Outline) Group
    • Hiding a column/row
  • 7 Nov 2023 4:02 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    Have you experienced something not quite showing up on the screen or it's not printing correctly? Word enables you to search for codes in your document.

  • 23 Oct 2023 3:30 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    Again another thing that has been niggling at my mind.  I recall when a range is selected you can move the cursor to the various corners of the selected range.  Today I found the answer:

    • After selecting the range, press [Ctrl + .]  this will move you around the 4 corners of the selected range
    NB: This does not work in a formula which is what I was wanting, but hey I have had a small win.  
  • 19 Oct 2023 4:02 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    Since getting my new laptop I have needed to press " twice to get a double quote displayed - very frustrating.  Today I decided to solve this problem so here goes... 

    NB: My new laptop is Windows 11 which makes a difference to the instructions.  So best of luck ...

    Search for Settings > Time and language > Language & region .. working with

    :: English (Australia) click on ... (to select Language options)
    Scroll down to find Installed keyboard and [Add a keyboard] and you are looking for US Qwerty
    then REMOVE others (in particular "United States-International")

    Now restart your computer and you will (hopefully) find all key functioning correctly. 

  • 31 Aug 2023 4:29 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    Exploring 3 techniques for fill a series of cells with values, using

    • Autofill
    • SEQUENCE function
    • MOD function
  • 31 Aug 2023 4:27 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    PowerPoint has some cool Transition styles and Morphing is one of these.

    Join me to see how to use this style to take an object from one side of a slide to another side while enlarging the object.

  • 31 Aug 2023 4:14 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    You are preparing for a meeting, and you need to:

    • Get your content a little more organised – the quick way to create a table, and 
    • You need to double check your calculations - OneNote to the rescue.
  • 1 Aug 2023 5:20 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    You may have used "Flying in" or "Bounce" but have you used "Custom Path"?  If not, this is a great way to add life to your presentation.  Remember the trick is not to overdo the Animation!

  • 13 Jul 2023 3:04 PM | Michelle Hamer (Administrator)

    While you can use the Ribbon to turn on and off the multi-level list, it is more productive to start the list as you type, then using the [Tab] key you can make the list into a multi-level list.

    I also show how to change the type of multi-level list and to introduce "fake spaces" to give you a bit a room between the points.  Enjoy  

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